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Cutest Seeds Ever!

These homemade wildflower seed balls are the cutest seeds ever! Imagine your backyard filled with wildflowers, bees buzzing in and out, butterflies stopping by to enjoy the abundance of colors. Seedles make this possible. Each Seedle contains a different wildflower that is native to your region. We marvel at this traditional method for sowing your valuable seeds in balls of clay that protect seeds from hungry birds and increase your flowers' success. It's a carefree gift for a lazy gardener. Just throw it and grow it.


Choose Your Region

Let us take the guess work out of choosing the right native wildflower seeds for you. Just locate the region you will be planting them in from the map below and then select that region in the dropdown menu above to purchase. Have a question?, just contact us and we'll be glad to help.

(see below for a listing of flower varieties for each region)


Gift Packs for any occasion

Seedles Gifts are a unique, eco-friendly, grow your own gift for baby showers, weddings and parties. They are the perfect party favor with a purpose as you'll be joining a community who is trying to grow over one million wildflowers for the declining bee populations. Have fun with these little wildflower bombs which will emerge as bursts of blooms anywhere you toss them.

Each pack contains 9 rainbow colored wildflower seed balls filled with native seeds.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really just throw them on the ground?

A: In short, yes.

The optimum planting time depends upon your climate and average rainfall. In areas with colder winters, spring or early summer seeding is best. Spring plantings should be done as soon as the planting area can be worked, but after the last frost. Early summer plantings should only be done if rainfall patterns are anticipated or supplemental irrigation is available. 

“Dormant” seeding can be done in late fall when temperatures are low enough that the seeds will not germinate until weather warms the following spring. In mild climates, plant fall through spring, to take advantage of winter rainfall. A fall planting allows the plants to develop and provide an earlier display of flowers in the spring. If planted in spring, make certain rainfall is expected; otherwise, supplemental irrigation will need to be supplied.


Q: How many do I need for my space? 

A: Each Seedle contains between 20 and 35 wildflower seeds depending on the flower variety and their germination rate. Each Seedle can cover up to 1 square foot of space, but for a denser look of flower place 3-4 per square foot.


Q: How Big Are They? 

A: Each Seedle is the size of a nickel, some are slightly smaller, some bigger.


Q: Which varieties of flowers are there?

A: We take the guess work out of the equation for you. We select annual and perennial native flowers that work in your bioregion based on the address you ask us to ship to. If you have an alternative destination in mind, let us know, we can make a blend for that location too!

  • Pacific Northwest Wildflower Seedles - California Yarrow, Godetia, Farewell to spring, Chinese Houses, Plains Coreopsis, California Poppy, Globe Gilia, Bird’s Eyes, Tidy Tips, Mountain Phlox, Blue Flax, Sickle-keeled Lupine, Russell Lupine, Blazing Star, Five Spot, Baby Blue Eyes, Evening Primrose & California Bluebell.

  • Southwest Wildflower Seedles - Prairie Aster, Desert Marigold, Farewell to Spring, Plains Coreopsis, California Poppy, Mexican Gold Poppy, Indian Blanket, Bird’s Eyes, Blue Flax, Tidy Tips, Arizona Lupine, Arroyo Lupine, Blazing Star, White Evening Primrose, Showy Pink Ev. Primrose, California Bluebell & Mexican Hat.

  • West Wildflower Seedles - Blue Columbine, Smooth Aster, Prairie Aster, Deerhorn Clarkia, Rocky Mtn Bee Plant, Plains Coreopsis, Fleabane Daisy, Perennial Gaillardia, Indian Blanket, Globe gilia, Blue Flax, White Evening Primrose, Rocky Mtn. Penstemon, Pruple Praire Clover, Yellow Prairie Coneflower, Black Eyed Susan & Showy Goldeneye.

  • Midwest Wildflower Seedles - Common Milkweed, Red Columbine, Butterfly Weed, New England Aster, Prairie Aster, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Plains Coreopsis, Pale Coneflower, Purple Coneflower, Rattlesnake Master, Perennial Gaillardia, Indian Blanket, Ox-Eye Sunflower, Standing Cypress, Prairie Blazing Star, Wild Perennial Lupine, Lemon Mint, Evening Primrose, Purple Prairie Clover, Yellow Prairie Coneflower, Grey-Headed Coneflower, Annual Black Eyed Susan, Common Black Eyed Susan, Brown Eyed Susan.

  • Southeast Wildflower Seedles - Butterfly Weed, Partridge Pea, Lance-Leaf Coreopsis, Plains Coreopsis, Purple Cornflower, Rattlesnake Master, Indian Blanket, Standing Cypress, Blazing Star, Wild Blue Lupine, Lemon Mint, Drummon Phlox, Mexican Hat, Clasping Coneflower, Black Eyed Susan, Scarlet Sage, & Spiderwort.

  • Northeast Wildflower Seedles - Red Milkweed, Eastern Red Columbine, Butterfly Weed, New England Aster, Partridge Pea, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Spotted Joe Pye Weed, Indian Blanket, Ox-Eye Sunflower, Blazing Star, Wild Perennial Lupine, Wild Bergamot, Evening Primrose, Beard Tongue, Black & Brown Eyed Susan, Sweet Coneflower, Rigid Goldenrod

Customer Reviews

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These cute packs were well received by my gardening sisters.

A gift

I bought these as a present for my nephew and niece. . They were very excited about them, but, I never heard back about it went.

Very easy to plant!

I bought these for my daughter's Easter basket. We just got around to planting them and it was very easy. She is almost 2 and she loved putting them into the soil. Now she knows to water them everyday. No flowers yet obviously but so far we're having fun and loving them. The bright colors are an added bonus and we are happy to help the bees eat!


Cute, fun, great Easter gifts

Small but mighty

Great little bombs! Just the right size. Began to grow super quickly, as well.