Wildflower Seed Balls DIY Kit

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Make Your Own Seed Balls

Grandma would be proud. This kit is pure and simple fun, just like the olden days ... getting dirty never felt so good.  Our kit is a playful, smile-sprouting experience that will leave everyone involved feeling happy and accomplished. These little earth dumplings will sprout and grow into a rainbow of color that brings all the pollinators to your yard.

Kit includes our super growing mixture of three types of compost, powdered clay, native wildflower seeds and love.  Supplies are enough to make up to 75 seed bombs. Beautiful instructions included. Perfectly giftable.

Wait ... but why?

Because you can. Because our bees need our help so they can have more food from flowers. Because getting involved, becoming part of something bigger, and doing something great feels awesome ... if not SUPER awesome. Okay, maybe we're just bonkers about these little bombs of joy ourselves. Maybe not ... there's only one way to find out right?


Choose Your Region

Let us take the guess work out of choosing the right wildflower seeds for you. Just select your region (or the region you are gifting this too) from the map below and we'll make sure you get the right Seedles. Have a question?, just contact us and we'll be glad to help.

Wildflower Seed Bombs - Seedles Seed balls

(see below for a listing of flower varieties for each region)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really just throw them on the ground?

A: In short, yes.

The optimum planting time depends upon your climate and average rainfall. In areas with colder winters, spring or early summer seeding is best. Spring plantings should be done as soon as the planting area can be worked, but after the last frost. Early summer plantings should only be done if rainfall patterns are anticipated or supplemental irrigation is available.

Dormant seeding can be done in late fall when temperatures are low enough that the seeds will not germinate until weather warms the following spring. In mild climates, plant fall through spring, to take advantage of winter rainfall. A fall planting allows the plants to develop and provide an earlier display of flowers in the spring. If planted in spring, make certain rainfall is expected; otherwise, supplemental irrigation will need to be supplied.

Q: How many do I need for my space?

A: Each Seedle you create will have between 25 and 45 wildflower seeds. It depends on how big you roll them, but we recommend the size of a nickel. Each Seedle can cover up to 1 square foot of space, but for a denser look of flower place 3-4 per square foot.

Q: How many does the kit include?

A: Supplies are enough to make 50-75 seed bombs, maybe a 100 if you're a pro.

Q: Which varieties of flowers are there?

A: We take the guess work out of the equation for you. We select annual and perennial native flowers that work in your bioregion based on the address you ask us to ship to. If you have an alternative destination in mind, let us know, we can make a blend for that location too!

  • Pacific Northwest Wildflower Seedles - California Yarrow, Godetia, Farewell to spring, Chinese Houses, Plains Coreopsis, California Poppy, Globe Gilia, Bird‰۪s Eyes, Tidy Tips, Mountain Phlox, Blue Flax, Sickle-keeled Lupine, Russell Lupine, Blazing Star, Five Spot, Baby Blue Eyes, Evening Primrose & California Bluebell.

  • Southwest Wildflower Seedles - Prairie Aster, Desert Marigold, Farewell to Spring, Plains Coreopsis, California Poppy, Mexican Gold Poppy, Indian Blanket, Bird‰۪s Eyes, Blue Flax, Tidy Tips, Arizona Lupine, Arroyo Lupine, Blazing Star, White Evening Primrose, Showy Pink Ev. Primrose, California Bluebell & Mexican Hat.

  • West Wildflower Seedles - Blue Columbine, Smooth Aster, Prairie Aster, Deerhorn Clarkia, Rocky Mtn Bee Plant, Plains Coreopsis, Fleabane Daisy, Perennial Gaillardia, Indian Blanket, Globe gilia, Blue Flax, White Evening Primrose, Rocky Mtn. Penstemon, Pruple Praire Clover, Yellow Prairie Coneflower, Black Eyed Susan & Showy Goldeneye.

  • Midwest Wildflower Seedles - Common Milkweed, Red Columbine, Butterfly Weed, New England Aster, Prairie Aster, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Plains Coreopsis, Pale Coneflower, Purple Coneflower, Rattlesnake Master, Perennial Gaillardia, Indian Blanket, Ox-Eye Sunflower, Standing Cypress, Prairie Blazing Star, Wild Perennial Lupine, Lemon Mint, Evening Primrose, Purple Prairie Clover, Yellow Prairie Coneflower, Grey-Headed Coneflower, Annual Black Eyed Susan, Common Black Eyed Susan, Brown Eyed Susan.

  • Southeast Wildflower Seedles - Butterfly Weed, Partridge Pea, Lance-Leaf Coreopsis, Plains Coreopsis, Purple Cornflower, Rattlesnake Master, Indian Blanket, Standing Cypress, Blazing Star, Wild Blue Lupine, Lemon Mint, Drummon Phlox, Mexican Hat, Clasping Coneflower, Black Eyed Susan, Scarlet Sage, & Spiderwort.

  • Northeast Wildflower Seedles - Red Milkweed, Eastern Red Columbine, Butterfly Weed, New England Aster, Partridge Pea, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Spotted Joe Pye Weed, Indian Blanket, Ox-Eye Sunflower, Blazing Star, Wild Perennial Lupine, Wild Bergamot, Evening Primrose, Beard Tongue, Black & Brown Eyed Susan, Sweet Coneflower, Rigid Goldenrod

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beautiful and fun!

Loved making these with kids and watching them bloom!


I gave the seedball kit to a home schooled child who lives in Maine. She will be planting the balls she made as soon as it is warm enough!

Love it

I what time do Wildflowers for a favor for my wedding next May so when I found these I just had to try them. I got the diy kit so my stepson and I could have a little craft day together and make them ourselves. Worked perfectly and I threw a few out in front of the house havnt sprouted yet but I also put a few inside at the back window which gets more sunlight and they are already sprouting. Also when I placed my order the owner of the company contacted me and thanked me personally for my purchase. That really stood out to me and made me feel like they care about each customer and that were not just another purchase. I love this company and I am definitely going to buy more in the future.

Great Product, Poor Gardener

I had little success with growing my wildflowers with this kit, but that's on me and not the product! I gave away most of the seed balls I made to friends who have greener thumbs, and they had a much better time. I do plan to purchase a similar kit for next year and hope to yield a more bountiful harvest.

Great Fun! Bright, Beautiful Flowers!

This kit was a graduation-from-Kindergarten gift for my grand-daughter... she loves plants and flowers. We had so much fun making the seed balls! It is such a great addition to putting them out and the anticipation of growth. It is easy to do, yet adds a great sense of pride for the child. The only way to go with our little ones! Thank you for this wonderful activity, as well as the top quality product and flowers produced.