Blue Flax Seedles

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Charming, Light Blue Blooms

One of the easiest native wildflowers to grow from seed, Blue Flax adds charming, light blue blooms to the early season garden. Growing to be only 18-30” tall, this variety is perfect for the front of the meadow or a small space garden. We love Blue Flax paired with a perennial lupine like Texas Bluebonnet for a cool look, or planted on its own. This variety tolerates sandy, dry soil and will grow in almost any sunny spot. These Seedles are non-GMO, neonicotinoid-free and guaranteed to grow. Perennial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really just throw them on the ground?

A: In short, yes.

The optimum planting time depends upon your climate and average rainfall. In areas with colder winters, spring or early summer seeding is best. Spring plantings should be done as soon as the planting area can be worked, but after the last frost. Early summer plantings should only be done if rainfall patterns are anticipated or supplemental irrigation is available.

Q: What are the optimal growing instructions for Blue Flax seed balls?

Site Preparation


  • Check for your last frost date and plant after this has passed.
  • Choose a spot on your property that gets 6 or more hours of direct sun a day (unless you are planting a Partial Shade Mixture).
  • Prepare your soil by clearing the area of all existing growth. Simply dig up everything that is growing, turn the soil and rake the area flat. If this is an area that has never before been gardened, you may need to till the area up to remove growth.


  • Place Seedles halfway into the soil, so the top half is sticking out of the soil and the bottom half is seated nicely into the soil. Do not bury.


  • Water so that the soil is moist, not soaking wet, until the seedlings are about 4-6" tall. After that, the seedlings will survive on natural rains. If you are experiencing very dry weather, we recommend watering occasionally.


Maturity: Approx. 40-65 days
Planting season: Late spring/summer
Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Soils: sandy soil, loamy soil, drought/dry soil

Q: How many do I need for my space?

A: Each Blue Flax seed ball contains between 15 and 25 flower seeds depending on the flower variety and their germination rate. Each Seedle can cover up to 1 square foot of space, but for a denser look of flower place 2-3 per square foot. Some of the plants, like nasturtium are shade tolerant and actually fertilize your soil by storing nitrogen near the roots. 

Q: How Big Are They?

A: Each Seedle is the size of a nickel, some are slightly smaller, some bigger.

Customer Reviews

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Sunny is Blue

I love everything Seedles! The blue flax wildflowers are beautiful, easy to plant and maintain. The butterflies and bees seem to love them too. Thanks Seedles for helping the environment.

Still have snow!

Haven’t been able to plant yet. Too cold here, some snow! I would like to start these indoors. I have a small greenhouses. Is this possible?

Beautiful Blue!

The seedles did just what they said. I dropped them on the prepared soil and watered them in. They have grown vigorously and are the prettiest blue!


Super easy to plant!