Thyme Bombs


Enjoy fresh mint over your vanilla ice cream, or perhaps a sprig of thyme in your soup stock. Start these Seedles in minutes and then watch them grow into a delicious and savory herb garden over the coming months. Why just eat your food, when you can grow it and play with it as well? This set includes 7 easy-to-grow herbs that will compliment your kitchen all growing season long. Features 7 seed balls which will sprout into Organic French Thyme, Organic Italian Oregano, Organic Bouquet Dill, Organic Moss Curled Parsley, Organic Peppermint, Organic Chives and Organic Genovese Basil. Detailed growing instructions will be emailed to you after ordering and can be found online by visiting our Thyme Bomb Growing Instructions page.

Perfect gift for friends and family!


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Great Mother's Day gift

My mom loves them! My parents recently did an overhaul of their backyard and put in a garden space perfect for these little guys once they get big enough. My mom has also been trying to eat better and cook new things, so herbs are a great addition to her kitchen!

Christmas Presents.

These were Christmas Stocking stuffers.....I don't know what happened to them. Sorry.

Takes a little effort in clay, but still effective!

I had a little trouble with the Seedles at first, given my soil is clay and easily compacted and baked to stonelike hardness in the summer. However, once I realized I was supposed to -stick them in the ground slightly- before watering and letting them grow.

I've since had to move from the plot where I first planted them but I'm fairly sure most of my herbs are still growing and spreading, even in Ohio's awful clay! (I just had to...remember to read the directions!)

Stocking Stuffer for New Home Owners!

Bought as a gift for a family with a new lawn to sow! I can't wait to hear how these bombs grow!

thyme bombs

easy to use

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