Why Grow Wildflowers With Seed Balls

September 25, 2014

Are Flowers The Solution?

Opinions about what is causing the decline in the honey bee population are rampant. Almost every month there is new research showing a different perspective on the causes. The causes range from pesticide usage, to diseases, to mite or moth infestations, to decline in biodiversity.

One piece of research indicated the decline of honeybees seen in many countries may be caused by reduced plant diversity. Bees need a varied diet full of diverse foods just like human do. Imagine eating the same meal containing meat and potatoes for the rest of your life, you just might get sick. Research indicates the same is true for bees, they need a well-rounded food supply featuring a diverse set of plants and flowers to maintain a healthy immune system.

We advocate growing native perennial wildflowers for several reasons

Suggestions below are wonderful, but buying organic, growing organic, and petitioning local stores is much more time consuming than most people are willing to invest.

  1. Easy – Growing wildflowers is easy and fun.
  2. Increases Food Diversity – Wildflowers increase the diversity of food supply for pollinators (this includes honey bees).
  3. Sustainable – Wildflowers provide lasting, sustainable biodiversity to our homes, neighborhoods, and cities.
  4. Joy and Color – Wildflowers provide color, joy and inspiration where we live.

We found the easiest solution, and made it easier with Seedles. Help us grow wildflower seed balls and support the honey bees.


5 Things You Can Do To Help Honey Bees

  1. Plant organic bee friendly plants and grow wildflowers with Seedles seed balls.
  2. Don’t use toxic chemicals in your home or your garden.
  3. Support local sustainable agriculture, which promotes habitat for 50% more bees.
  4. Purchase raw organic honey from local sustainable bee keepers.
  5. Tell your local garden store to stop selling bee killing insecticides, pesticides, and chemicals.
Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.

- Luther Burbank

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