Frequently Asked Questions

#1 - Are these annual or perennial flowers? Will I need to replant them each year?
Our Seedles are about 50% annuals, and 50% perennials. The perennial flower varieties will drop seeds and re-emerge each year, but the annuals bloom the first year only.
#2 - What are your shipping and delivery times?
Orders placed before 10:30am PST will ship same day, Monday through Saturday, orders place after 10:30am PST will ship next day.

USPS First Class - Delivery time is 3-5 Business Days
USPS Priority - Delivery time is 2-3 Business Days
USPS Priority Mail Express - Delivery time is 1 Business Day
#3 - Can Seedles be grown in a pot, container or indoors?
Seedles can be grown in pots, containers and indoors as long as the spot you put them in gets at least 4 hours of direct sunlight each day. These flowers brighten your day, and in turn they need a little brightness themselves to grow healthy and strong. This could be a sunny South or West facing window, balcony, or patio.
#4 - Are these invasive? Or invasive in other areas?
We highly recommend you order the Wildflower Seedles that are native to your region. You can view our regional map here which shows the six different regions we make wildflower seed bombs for.

It is possible, although unlikely that if you plant for example the Northeast Region wildflower seedles in a state in the Southeast region some of the flowers could be considered invasive. So we recommend ordering the variety that corresponds with the area of the map you live in.
#5 - How and when do I plant these? Can I really just throw and grow them?
Great question! You can just "throw them and grow them" if you're not super concerned about when, and how they will grow. A Seedle will eventually sprout if you just throw it in a sunny, non-weedy environment. For best results we recommend finding a sunny spot that gets 4-6 hours of direct sunlight each day. Then push them halfway into prepared soil, so the top half is out of the soil, but the bottom half is nicely nestled into its fertile surroundings. We then recommend watering them daily until they are 4” tall, then you can water once a week.

The best times to plant wildflower Seedles are just after the final winter frost (early spring) or in the late fall at least 10 weeks before the first frost.
#6 - Do you sell these in any retail stores around the country?
We are in about 50 stores around the nation. The fastest way to purchase Seedles is through our website though.
#7 - Are your seeds GMO? Are you seeds native? Are your seeds Organic?
All of our wildflower species are non-gmo, native species(to their region), and are considered non-invasive. We only buy certified non-gmo seeds from reputable distributors.

Most native wildflower seeds are not certified organic, however the seed distributors we work ensure they are of high quality from responsible growers.
#8 - Do you ship to Canada, Europe or outside of the United States?
Hiya! Unfortunately, we do not ship outside of the United States. We have had challenges with shipping our seed products due to customs. You can learn how to make your own seed bombs on our blog.

If you live in Europe we recommend seedballs from this UK seller.
#9 - What is the coloring on your Seedles made from?
The paint we make is homemade, non-toxic and made with earth-based pigments that biodegrade and could be considered the same as sand. We couldn't find anything like this on the market so we had to create it ourselves. Other ingredients included are found commonly in a food pantry around the home and are 100% safe for your kids and your soil.
#10 - What is the shelf life of Seedles? How long will these last if I buy them now?
Seedles last 1-2 years when kept in a cool, dry, dark location. Planting in the spring (after risk of frost) is a great way to break the winter blues, and they are wonderful Christmas gifts as they offer hope during the cold months.

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