• Order a bunch for your wedding, baby shower, or birthday party.

  • Use them in a classroom, school garden, or fundraiser.

  • Go Hansel and drop them along your route to work then enjoy them everyday. You deserve it!

  • Make a kitchen window garden with the Thyme Bombs.

  • Share them with a senior center.

Group activity ideas for kids age 2-100

  • Plant A Hope, Water A Dream: Give each participant a Seedle and a small pot with soil. Plant the Seedle and care for it until it outgrows the pot and can either be transferred into a garden or a bigger pot. You could do this as an individual activity or a group gathering. Sharing hopes and dreams out loud with each other builds community.
  • Garden Day: Designate a Rainbow Garden Day and invite participants to plant the Seedles directly in the ground. Take volunteers for watering and/or meet regularly for Garden Day.
  • Wildflower Bingo!: Get pictures from the internet and make Bingo sheets. The Maryland mix contains some or all of the these flowers: Common Yarrow, Black-eyed Susan, Showy Goldenrod, Common Milkweed, Red Columbine, Purple Echinacea, and Wild Bergamot.


    • Grow the Rainbow Art Classes
      • Use pastels or watercolors to draw wildflower and bee scapes.
      • Paint the pots for the Seedles to go in.
      • Take pictures of flowers and pollinators to make a group collage.
      • Print images from the internet to make a collective Bee Garden vision board.
      • Make garden chalk art.
      • Decorate tiles in bee stripes and flower patterns.
      • Write creative short stories.
      • Use Sharpie makers on wax paper to make “Stained Paper Windows”
      • Knit flower and bee themed items(beenies, scarves, blankies, booties) to donate and cheer up a soldier, a family, or an expecting mother.
      • Make Rainbow themed crafts for sale:
      • Make a bee box:
      • Build a pollinator habitat complete with bee condos, watering holes, and of course, wildflowers.
    • Build a pollinator habitat complete with bee condos, watering holes, and of course, wildflowers
    • Ask the garden savvy participants and/or everyone to share stories and gather ideas.
    • Start an Adopt A Bee Together program, or an A Picture A Day blog.

    For educational resources check out our curriculum resources by age group page.