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Wildflower Seedles
Ilyssa Silfen (Staten Island, United States)
Love these!

I absolutely adore these seed balls. They're easy to plant, and they provide lots of lovely native flowers. Would definitely get them again!

Wildflower Seedles
Robert Andrews
Seedles are Love

My wildflower garden deck box was such a hit last year that now I’ve planted Seedles at two homes of friends and am converting an old raised vegtable garden to wildflowers. The bees and hummingbirds are very happy.

Wildflower Seedles Gift Pack
Christy Grant (Hancock, United States)

They were a gift for a small child.

Wildflower Seedles
Melony Walker (Hudson, United States)
Great product!

I have never been able to grow plants from seed, but these work great! Every one I planted has come up. This is my second year and they are beautiful!

California Poppy Seedles
Melanie A Coon (Omaha, United States)

Love your seedless just starting to grow

Sunny Sunflowers Wildflower Seedles
Jen Willey (Barre, United States)

I just planted them! Frost was still here until now

Wildflower Seedles
Jannette Luthi (Madison, United States)
Great feal

Love this product

Hummingbird & Butterfly Seedles
Nana (Riverside, United States)
Garden Fun with the Littles

The colors of these seeds and growing food for the hummingbirds and butterflies (and playing in the dirt) celebrated the "love our planet" lesson the littles were getting in kindergarten.
Hoping for flowers soon, the process was simple and fun to share with the kids.

Wildflower Seedles
Jacob Nordby (Boise, United States)
Save the planet, create beauty, AND have fun?

Sign me up.

The minute I saw Seedles, I fell in love. I’m an avid hiker and relish finding spots of color along the trail. I always wanted to know how I could contribute more wildflowers to the area.

Along comes this brilliant product that lets me grab a handful of balls (hey, I have 12-years-old’s psyche … don’t pretend that you’re so mature) and hit the trails ready to toss these pods of region-specific wildflowers along the way.

Hummingbird & Butterfly Seedles
ray a medina (Bartlesville, United States)
First Spring with Seedles

Easy to plant, and with our crazy weather, here in Oklahoma, its been cold. However, seedles are popping!
few more weeks and hope to see some very good growth.
thank you!
Happy Customer
Ray Medina / Woolaorc Landscape Manager

Wildflower Seedles
Jeffrey Riehm (Miami, United States)
Great way to get wildflowers in your yard

Quick, simple, easy ...

Wildflower Seedles
Adriana Romero (Santa Rosa, United States)
Lovely and safe for our kids and environment!

Great customer service and our world! Save our planet and save the bees!

Hummingbird & Butterfly Seedles
Robert Andrews (Moodus, United States)
Love Hummingbird Seedles.

Used these last year. Beautiful! This coming year I'll be planting as many as I can get on Wildflower Road in Charlestown, RI and the road will live up to its name.

California Poppy Seedles
Karen F. Bradford (Phoenix, United States)
Love these little gems

Your selection is awesome. The packaging is perfect.
I'll let you know if they come up this spring.

California Poppy Seedles
Kimberly A Dsida (Winnetka, United States)
Shower gift bag

Going to be great for the bridal shower gift bag

Wildflower Seedles
David McMahan (Fair Oaks, United States)
I doubted these and was proven wrong

First, I'm a guy's guy ... let's just say I'm not really into wildflowers and butterflies. I bought these for my wife thinking they might work, but probably not. Our backyard garden boxes are filling in nicely with wildflowers. My wife and I were quite surprised how many grew from just a few of these seed balls. I'll be back for more, great gift for friends who are into this kind of stuff. Thx.

Wildflower Seedles Gift Pack
R.J. (Tucson, United States)
Love them, but they need help

We planted these seven months ago, and they look great! A few of them sprouted and then just fizzled out, and I think that has to do with the poor soil. Most of them, though, came up beautifully, and have bloomed all summer with varying colors. The directions indicated that they would only need watering for the first few weeks, but this wasn’t the case for ours. The seedlings needed watering twice a day, and now the mature plants still need watering every day if it doesn’t rain. I think it’s because the “Southwest” designation is so varied. The Southwest region of the US has desert, mountain, and forest areas, with varying climates. In Tucson we’re in the Sonoran Desert, so maybe we should try the Dry Area mix this time.
They’re still beautiful, though, and I’m so glad we bought them!

Wildflower Seedles Gift Pack
BROOKE PETTENGILL (North Liberty, United States)
Great Gift with Memories to Last!

I love Seedles Wildflower Gift Pack for gifts. Each wildflower represents a memory shared with a loved one that is no longer with us. Their legacy lives on through Seedles wildflowers!

Wildflower Seedles
Sandra (Eugene, United States)
Happy Flowers

Two months from planting to first bloom. This pic is 2.5 months, and there's lots more flowers about to pop out. I put these in small pots - and of course planted slightly more densely than recommended - so I'm having to water a lot in the hot weather. But these were easy overall!

California Poppy Seedles
Lauren Davis (Clovis, United States)
Love this company and it’s products!!

Flowers are a huge part of my life and I’ve had great results with my poppies, a favorite of mine my whole life!

Wildflower Seedles
Robin White (Danville, United States)
Love them!

Easy and beautiful wildflowers! I want more

Wildflower Seedles
Kari Wertz (Portland, United States)
Happy but wishing for more flowers

Not sure what was in the seedle, but it seems to be more grass and clover than the wild flowers I was hoping for. I still think it's a great concept and I will order again, but next time choose seedles that are actually flowers.

Wildflower Seedles Gift Pack
Peggy Keeter (Miami, United States)

Not a single bloom. We had some flooding so
perhaps they all washed away, was hoping for blooms for the bees.

Wildflower Seedles
Liz (Napa, United States)
Just starting to sprout!

I planted the seedles 2 weeks ago and some are just starting to sprout. It should be fun to watch them grow.

Wildflower Seedles
Sarah Randol (Marshalltown, United States)
Easy & kid-friendly

I bought these to plant with my kids (4, 4, and 2) and they worked perfectly! They were easy to use and plant, the kids loved the colors and that they were able to do it themselves. They have loved watching the sprouts come up and watering them. Will definitely be buying again!