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I put them in my flower bed and not one of them came up.😢

The whole family received these in their stockings. They are excited to plant them!

Fun idea. Can’t wait for Spring!

Ordered these for my granddaughter - she loves the butterflies so I am hoping these flowers will attract the butterflies.

Ready for spring planting season now!

Can’t wait for spring!

Terrible! I planted just as instructed, in good soil, and NOT ONE flower grew.

I’ll let you know in spring!

I haven’t planted them yet! I’ll let you know next spring.

Haven’t tried them yet, but I’m very interested. Going to use them as stocking stuffers this year. 

Great idea sooo convenient to plant

Totally did not grow.

One other thing....seedles were small, was expecting egg size. (How many seeds in each one?)

I love this product. The burst of color and plant variety is spectacular! You must have patience they take a while to acclimate to your climate, but when you see that first hummingbird buzz into the flower, you know it was all worthwhile!

I purchased three 9 packs. Out of the 27 only 11 came up. I watered and planted exactly as instructed. The company has good meaning and intentions but the product is sub par.

Seems like a good idea but I ordered the wrong coast so not sure if the little balls will work

Fun and cute! I gifted a package and kept one for myself. Can’t wait for the flowers to sprout.

Such a fun cute way to get wild flowers into our yard.

Wildflower Seedles
Ilyssa Silfen (Staten Island, United States)
Love these!

I absolutely adore these seed balls. They're easy to plant, and they provide lots of lovely native flowers. Would definitely get them again!

Wildflower Seedles
Robert Andrews
Seedles are Love

My wildflower garden deck box was such a hit last year that now I’ve planted Seedles at two homes of friends and am converting an old raised vegtable garden to wildflowers. The bees and hummingbirds are very happy.

Wildflower Seedles Gift Pack
Christy Grant (Hancock, United States)

They were a gift for a small child.

Wildflower Seedles
Melony Walker (Hudson, United States)
Great product!

I have never been able to grow plants from seed, but these work great! Every one I planted has come up. This is my second year and they are beautiful!

California Poppy Seedles
Melanie A Coon (Omaha, United States)

Love your seedless just starting to grow

They didn't grow. I have a mole or something that kept digging them up

They arrived on time we will see if they grow