About Seedles

Planting One Million Wildflowers In 1 Minute

We worked with Organic Producer Cascadian Farm to produce this epic gift for the bees, 1 million wildflowers planted in 60 seconds.

Our Original Story

Seedles started as a sidewalk stroll, evolved into a home science lab experiment, and started blooming as a Kickstarter project in April of 2014. We successfully raised over $11,000 and decided to roll out a website and product line because we had hundreds of people begging us for more after the campaign ended.

Seedles are rainbow bright balls of seed, compost, and clay. We’ve done the heavy lifting by designing Seedles to practically grow themselves. They add fun and vibrant colors to your neighborhood while benefiting local pollinators. All you have to do is throw them and grow them.

Our Mission

We aim to inspire kids to grow One Hundred Billion wildflowers to bring back the bees and ensure a sustainable food system for their future.

Our Story

Ei Ei is a tree hugging mom with over a decade of experience in environmental, outdoor, and social justice education. In what she laughingly calls her spare time, she is an aspiring writer of short fictions and children stories about kids and the planet.

Chris is a serial social entrepreneur especially adept at building groundbreaking organizations around shared values and bold visions. Having fulfilled diverse leadership roles in organizations such as CouchSurfing International, UCSF School of Medicine, and MyFarm his experiences in strategic planning, operations, human resources and marketing have been both broad and deep. As Co-Founder and Co-Director of Hayes Valley Farm in San Francisco, he thrived on working with people to develop regenerative relationships with the planet and each other.

Orion is a drool factory and a giggle farm. He loves trees and milk. He is the inspiration for his mom and dad to make each and every tomorrow better than today.

Our special mix  is …

  • Laughter 80%
  • Discipline 90%
  • Fun 100%

Yes we realize that it adds up to more than 100%, we like giving ... a lot.

Extended Family Members

Seedles wouldn't function without the help of many others along the way, including our growing family of team members.

Peter Hiep Seedles Seed Balls

Peter Hiep

Peter is our Production Coordinator who keeps the company's morale up with his goofy but great attitude. With a Bachelor's degree in Physics in one hand and a passion for dance in the other, Peter's free time is dedicated to dancing, holding dance workshops, and being an amazing Math & Physics tutor for low income students of color. Peter wishes to utilize both skill sets to influence the new generation about how to full represent themselves to the world.

Martin Diaz Seedles Seed Balls

Martin Díaz

Martin is our Production Specialist, in charge of all the activities involved in making our wonderful seed balls. He's a funny, friendly and sometimes tough cookie. His loves include the outdoors & adventure including hiking, backpacking, camping and fishing. Archery is a new love for him and you can often find him practicing on the weekends. He dreams of owning his own Barber shop after retirement and taking care of his family, friends and big community. He's a man's man but has a real soft spot for bees.

You ?

Think you have what it takes to bring back the bees? Contact us with your passion and your desired position and we'll give it a looksy.