Company Seedles is a Bay Area social enterprise with an aim to make seriously fun gardening products for kids. We inspire natural play with a positive impact. 

You're going to love working with us ...

Production Coordinator (aka Seed Ball Ninja)

Immediate Opening We are looking for a special individual who values nature and is interested in working for a company that is creating a more beautiful world. We want to hire someone who believes in working with nature instead of against it. We want someone who would like to be involved as a lead in the production and distribution of our main product, Seedles. If you are looking for more than a job and want to be of service to the world and future generations, this is the place for you.

Position Available: Production Coordinator - The position is paid hourly 32-40 hours per week. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday approximately 9am to 5pm. The position is full-time, but we are flexible for partial time (as low as 32 hours/week) for the right person. We are a fast growing company with lots of areas to expand.

Position Narrative

On a typical day, the person filling this role could expect to enjoy sunshine, fresh air, and ample yummy tea. You will also sift compost, use our equipment to roll seed balls, color seed balls using our homemade non-toxic biodegradable paint, package seed balls, and ship orders to our wholesale customers nationwide. Often times they will need to clean and organize the workplace for better performance. Regularly they will need to source and order new materials for production. This person would also document their activities in a way that allows continuous improvement. The person filling this role will not be afraid of working with their hands doing manual labor(such as packaging, order fulfillment, sifting) for many hours and would enjoy perfecting a process over time. Skills like time management, attention to detail, critical thinking would make this job easier and more enjoyable. It may be challenging to complete the repetitive manufacturing process in a consistent and high quality manner. A top performer in this role would seek to improve the manufacturing and packaging process on a weekly basis through documentation, reflection and ideation of new techniques. The ideal candidate would have these characteristics, organized, hard working, patience, attention to detail, and critical thinking.

Job Responsibilities

Design & Innovation (10%)

  • Responsible for envisioning future products, developing prototypes, and testing products through rapid iteration. (assistance and training provided if needed)
  • Responsible for improvement to production processes which will save time and/or money.

Manufacturing (50%)

  • Responsible for creating multiple colorful product lines including seed balls, thyme bombs, and future products using our custom made manufacturing equipment.
  • Responsible for acquiring and sourcing raw materials for manufacturing of our products.
  • Responsible for coloring and drying seed balls using our proprietary painting technology.
  • Responsible for sorting, maintaining adequate product inventory.
  • Responsible for optimizing the work environment.
  • Responsible for increasing long-term efficiency through improving our production processes.

Packaging and Shipping (30%)

  • Responsible for reviewing orders to ensure quality and completeness
  • Responsible for manually packaging different products to our high quality standards.
  • Responsible for reading customer orders and shipping product in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for communicating with customers about their tracking numbers and order status.

Documentation & Research (10%)

  • Responsible for documenting hours, activities completed, and any feedback relevant towards continuous process improvement.
  • Responsible for documenting inventory and writing weekly reports to guide future production activities
  • Responsible for testing germination rates of seed ball batches and improving seed ball matrix through research and testing

. . . Other duties as required


Minimum requirements

  • Education
    • GED or High School Diploma
    • Excellent English communication skills both verbally and in writing
    • Ability to see all colors, and distinguish between various shades of each color, and color shades. Test if you are colorblind here, there will be a test as part of the interview as well.
  • Skills
    • Experience with manufacturing and packaging preferred.
    • Ability to work quickly and effectively in a fast-paced, and rewarding environment.
    • Ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks.
    • Ability to organize work environment to increase efficiency.
    • Ability to stand for 4-6 hours a shift.
    • Ability to lift 50+lbs.
  • Character
    • Aptitude for neatness and ability to pay close attention to detail.
    • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
    • Exude a friendly, positive and professional demeanor.
    • Must have a positive can-do attitude and be able to work well in a team-based environment.
    • Punctual and on time every day
    • Comfortable getting dirty during daily work


Compensation start rate is $13.75 per hour, and pay raises are available as you gain experience.


To Apply

Please send the items below via email to 


  1. What most excites you about our social enterprise? Be specific about at least two aspects.
  2. Describe one thing you've learned about our organization while researching this opportunity.


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