March 02, 2018

Are you looking for the right procedure and the tips concerned with how to build a raised wildflower garden in a small backyard?

No garden or area is small to cultivate a raised wildflower garden. Even if you have the tiniest of the area to try your hands on, this one will definitely work.




What you will need to follow this tutorial?

As earlier said, acres of land aren’t required to create a wildflower meadow; even a small patch of lawn exposed to the open sun can be ideal for such a creation. Also, the maintenance of such a miniature wildflower garden is pretty much easier as compared to any traditional lawn.  In order to create such an inexpensive and low-maintenance meadow, there are certain requisites to follow.

  • The first and foremost need for such a beautiful meadow is to have a nutrient-rich growing area, well exposed to the sunlight. This will help in a proper growth of the flowers and keep them nutrients enriched.
  • Moving ahead, you need to have the selective set of wildflower seeds or turfs to be planted on the meadow, you are planning to cultivate.
  • Next, you need a hoe, a tiller that righteously helps in the tilling job and a gardening jug. Remember, you need to water the sowed seeds in a periodic manner for a perfect growth.

Step by step instructions

Grow Wildflowers


Now, let’s move further to the step by step instructions guide to cultivate your wildflower garden.

Step 1: Pick the appropriate area

To begin with, you need to pick the right patch or area that has an ample supply of both sunlight and nutrients. A nutrient rich soil is considered to be more favorable in nurturing your wildflowers in the garden. However, the size entirely depends on you and your capacity to maintain them.

Step 2: Choose the Wildflowers

Following further, you need to pick the wildflowers you wish to grow in your backyard. However, it is suggested to pick the native wildflowers, in case you plan for a local garden. This is mainly because the survival chances of such plants are higher in their local surroundings. You can visit your local nursery or purchase wildflower Seedles online.

Step 3: Prepare your Land

This one is amongst the major step to follow in order to set the foundation for your garden. Prepare the land and soil such that it offers the right platform for sowing the seeds. Start with clearing the extra weeds and grass using a hoe. Use a garden tiller to till the soil to about 1 inch deep. Add some potting soil for adding extra nourishment and nutrient to the tilled soil and mix well with the hoe.

Step 4: Planting the seeds of the wildflower

  • If you wish to create your garden on a low nutrient soil, laying the wildflower turfs will help.
  • For a 50-50% grass and wildflowers setup, including the turfs of bugle, ox-eye daisy, yellow rattle, yarrow and birds- foot trefoil can work.
  • Sowing the wildflowers during the late autumn or early spring is recommended. Sow them at a traditional rate of 4 gm/square meter.  
  • Scatter the seeds on the soil in an even direction and press them gently using a garden roller or even by a gentle walk. Don’t forget to net the area to protect the seeds from the birds.

Step 5: Watering your seeds and grown plants

Make sure to water them well, but also be careful that you do not drown them. In such case, neither your seed, nor the grown plant will stay for long.

Growing your own adequately fostered backyard wild flower garden isn’t difficult with these simple steps to follow. Make sure you follow these steps religiously to be a proud owner of an amazingly setup wildflower garden that suits even the smallest part of your backyard. So, when are you creating your own garden?


Guest Post by Ann Sanders of A Green Hand

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