Sunny Sunflowers Wildflower Seedles

Sunny Sunflower Seedles

Plant Sunflower Seeds

You might doubt the name, but the results you'll see hopefully will amaze you. This famous mixture of all types of sunflowers is the one that makes our fans fall in love with wildflowers. This show-stopping mix of golden sunflowers gives any planting a "look-at-me" explosion of color that will have your neighbors looking into your yard with envy. From Sunflower to sunflower ... you'll have a new reason to smile all summer long.

Why not try these easy-to grow wildflowers that will provide lasting, lovable show of color this year? Maybe even make a sunflower bouquet someday?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which wildflowers are included in this mixture?

A: We're glad you asked ... :)

  • Wild Sunflower - Helianthus annuus  - Annual
  • Sunflower Lemon Queen - Helianthus annuus - Annual
  • Dwarf Sunflower Sunspot - Helianthus annuus - Annual

Q: Which states are these all annuals native to?

A: Because there are 3 different seed varieties in this mix, this entire mix isn't native to any state in particular. These will grow in every state, and because they are annuals, you won't have to worry about them spreading invasive species beyond where you plant them. We recommend our Wildflower Seedles if you want to plant native wildflowers

Q: Do I really just throw them on the ground?

A: In short, yes.

The optimum planting time depends upon your climate and average rainfall. In areas with colder winters, spring or early summer seeding is best. Spring plantings should be done as soon as the planting area can be worked, but after the last frost. Early summer plantings should only be done if rainfall patterns are anticipated or supplemental irrigation is available. 

“Dormant” seeding can be done in late fall when temperatures are low enough that the seeds will not germinate until weather warms the following spring. In mild climates, plant fall through spring, to take advantage of winter rainfall. A fall planting allows the plants to develop and provide an earlier display of flowers in the spring. If planted in spring, make certain rainfall is expected; otherwise, supplemental irrigation will need to be supplied.

Q: What are the growing instructions for these Awesome Annual Wildflowers?

A: These easy to grow annual wildflowers work well in planting Zones 1 to 10, and the quick growing plants will become a favorite for use in container gardens, planter beds, mixed beds, and rock gardens.

Sunlight: Full Sun
Maturity: 35-50 days from germination
Height: 12-48 inches
Spacing: 4 to 8 inches apart in all directions

How To Plant Sunflower Seeds

Clear the site of any weeds and/or competitive plants like grass. Work a shovelful or two of well-aged manure or organic compost into the soil prior to planting to improve soil conditions and help promote abundant blooms. Then plant sunny sunflower seed balls half-way into the soil with spacing as indicated above. Keep moist, and water daily until they are 4-6" tall, unless rains will provide ample water (such as in the spring or fall).


Q: How many do I need for my space? 

A: Each of our seed balls contains between 10 and 15 sunflower seeds. Each Seedle can cover up to 1 square foot of space, but for a denser look of flower place 3-4 per square foot.

Q: How Big Are They? 

A: Each Seedle is the size of a nickel, about 5/8" of an inch. These are handmade and so some are slightly bigger or smaller.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
KAP (Eau Claire, United States)
Sunny sunflowers…

The perfect Earth Day gift to share with my kiddo’s kindergarten class!

Over summer break we will be using our sunnies to learn about pollinators and citizen science projects. Thank you!

Heather (Spokane, United States)
These are amazing!

I purchased some of these sunflower seedles last year and WOW! We had two sunflowers grow to over 6 feet! I wish I would have bought some this year. Well, there's always next year.

Deidra W Moore (West Columbia, United States)

The sunflowers are really starting to grown. The wildflower have been slower and are just now starting to come up. All were planted at the same time. Can’t wait to see them bloom. I did this with my grandchildren and they are enjoying watching how fast they are growing.

Leslie Topus (Clarksville, United States)

I planted all my Seedle Sunflowers hoping I will see them come up after Spring. I love my Seedles!

Casey Bryant (West Palm Beach, United States)

These are so easy and they sprouted so quickly! I can't wait for them to bloom!