Inspiring 10 Billion Wildflowers

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” - Robert Louis Stevenson

Collage of wildflower images in a mosaic


What brings you hope?

Can I tell you a short story? Yes? ... Okay ... let's begin. Five years ago my partner Ei Ei and I set out to plant a million wildflowers for our son(see picture above). Fast forward to now and along with 42,000 fans, we've planted almost 2 Billion brilliant wildflowers. This isn't about tooting our own horn though ...

Wildflowers are a sign of hope and joy. After the East Coast hurricane, one fan from north carolina sent us a picture of the wildflowers that emerged despite everything else being wiped out. 

Hope Grows

The seed bombs we make grow wildflowers. Almost 2 Billion so far ...

They provide hope and respite amidst all the challenges. I know our backyard filled with wildflowers certainly gives me pause, and gives me hope that despite all the chaos and stress ... a flower still blooms, the sun still rises, and so shall we.

Seriously, just plant some wildflowers ...

One small act, one big change :) ... Just do it.

If you can't afford our seed bombs, just contact us and we'll get you taken care of. If you can afford a few extra, buy a few packs and give them out to those who may enjoy them.

Field of Poppy Wildflowers

Seedles are rainbow bright balls of seed, compost, and clay ... they easily grow wildflowers.

We’ve done the heavy lifting by designing Seedles to practically grow themselves and improve soil while they're at it. They add fun and vibrant colors to your neighborhood while benefiting local pollinators. All you have to do is throw them and grow them.

Wildflower Seedles contain a mix of up to 21 varieties of both perennial, and annual flowers to ensure they come back year after year.

Grow Wildflowers Today - You can easily grow a beautiful wildflower garden, bees and butterflies will be buzzing happily nearby in no time. Just enter code: BEEHAPPY2 at checkout and get 10% off your order this March. Or just get wildflower seed bombs with this link to get the 10% off automatically.

How Do you Grow Them?




 Toss them, water them, watch them grow.

Our Commitment to the Environment

As new parents, we want to make this planet a better place for our children and yours. The planet and our social impact are at the forefront of our operational decisions.

Our “plastic” bags and stickers are biodegradable and come from local Bay Area companies. We have used recyclable and waste stream materials as much as possible from our package stuffing and printing paper to the wood required for the Seedle making machine. Thank you for doing your part by composting or recycling the materials in your package.

For more of our story watch us plant millions of wildflowers in less than a minute

Grow Wildflowers Today - You can easily grow a beautiful wildflower garden, bees and butterflies will be buzzing happily nearby in no time.