February 23, 2023

Why are seedballs a great option to grow wildflowers?

I’m sure you’re the same… I’m so grateful to be able to share a home with such a wide array of beautiful wildflower species (19 - Wildflowers of the USA ), yet in recent years wildflower numbers have been in decline. In fact, since 2009, the United States has lost33 million acres of wildflower habitats – that’s half the size of Colorado! 


Opinions about what is causing the decline in the honey bee population are rampant. Almost every month there is new research showing a different perspective on the causes. The causes range from pesticide usage, to diseases, to mite or moth infestations, to decline in biodiversity.


One piece of  research indicated the decline of honeybees seen in many countries may be caused by reduced plant diversity. Bees need a varied diet full of diverse foods just like human do. Imagine eating the same meal containing meat and potatoes for the rest of your life, you just might get sick. Research indicates the same is true for bees, they need a well-rounded food supply featuring a diverse set of plants and flowers to maintain a healthy immune system.


As a result, pollinators are struggling to find the food they need to survive, the downstream impact being that our existence also is jeopardized. We, therefore, need bees for a healthy environment and a healthy food supply. Anything we can do that reverses the habitat the bees enjoy, will have impact, lasting, and sustainable impacts on our local environment.


Seedballs are an effective way to increase wildflower populations because they help the seeds to germinate and take root in difficult or compacted soils. They also provide some protection from hungry animals, such as deer and rabbits.


Seedballs, also called ‘seedbombs’ are small balls of clay and compost that contain a mix of wildflower seeds and are one of the  best ways to increase wildflower populations They can be easily thrown or dropped into areas where you want to see wildflowers growing. Check out our guide on how to plant wildflowers with seedballs  


If you're interested in making your own wildflower seed bombs, there are many tutorials available online, or check out our DIY wildflower seedball instructions How To Quickly Make Seed Balls) to enjoy the creative process with kids, family, and friends.


You can also purchase them from most gardening stores, or directly fromour store. You can buy seedpackets as gifts,or simply hand them out to friends and family. 


By spreading the message of environmental stewardship, you can help make the world a little bit brighter. So why not share the rainbow and plant some wildflower Seedballs today?

We suggest  native perennial wildflowersas a great option for not only brightening your environment, but people’s days too.

Below are some of the benefits of why to grow wildflowers with seedballs. 


1. Seed balls are fun for all!

If you’ve got kids and want to introduce them more to the outdoors, Seedles are a great opportunity. Whether fall or spring, it’s a great time to get some quality time together. You can help teach about biology, ecology and just how awesome nature is. It teaches kids topics such as reproduction, growth cycles, and adaptations made by plants based on climate conditions like sunlight levels which affect photosynthesis rates. Also, click hereto find  fun ways to use seedballs.

2.Seed balls can be made at home

Just take soil or compost, seeds and clay. The seeds have to be native to the region or can grow in the region, otherwise, they will not germinate.Click here for how to create your own seedballs.

3. Seedballs bring color to life 

Able  to design your color explosion, you can use any seed mix to make your seed balls. Wildflower seeds are our preference, but also herbs, edible crops or even trees. Combining seeds, especially ones which grow well together, help with pollination, increase soil conditions, or act as pest deterrent.

4. Seed balls allow for creativity

In this time of creative expression, seed balls allow us to take the paintbrush and paint our town. Follow #GrowTheRainbow to see how others are planting their wildflowers.

5.Seed balls can change the world

By increasing food diversity,wildflowers increase the food supply for pollinators and provide lasting, sustainable biodiversity to our homes, neighborhoods, and cities.

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.- Luther Burbank
Planting wildflowers is great fun and brings the rainbow right into your world.


If this inspires you to grow wildflowers and you find the process rewarding, why not try Best Wildflower Seed Bombs! Click here for details. It’s easier than you think!
                            Let’s grow the rainbow together! 

Tag us in your growing photos, both planting and growing, for a chance to win 10,000 Seedles! Tag #growtherainbow and #flowerbomb for a chance to win.


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